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The order management system dashboard is designed to provide comprehensive insights into order processing, sales channels, and performance metrics, enhancing the overall efficiency of order management for businesses.


Our goal is to enhance the operations with improved order tracking and visibility, comprehensive sales analysis by channel, and streamlined order routing processes.

Facing challenges

Analyzing the problem

Before implementing the dashboard, the business faced several significant challenges, including inefficient order processing due to the absence of a centralized tracking system. This lack of centralization resulted in poor visibility into order sources and sales performance across various channels, making it difficult for managers to gain insights and make informed decisions. Additionally, the business struggled with managing and optimizing order routing, which further hindered operational efficiency and timely order fulfillment.

Solution overview

• Home Dashboard with widgets and graphs

• Detailed Order by Channel and Sales by Channel bar tables

• App Connector page for integrating various applications

• Channels page for managing different sales channels

• Sales Order Routing page for optimizing order fulfillment

Detailed walkthrough of each page

Home Dashboard

• Widgets: Total orders, pending orders, and quick stats for immediate insights.

• Order Volume Graph Chart: Displays order volume trends over time, helping track daily/weekly/monthly performance.

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Orders by Channel and Sales by Channel Bar Table

• Order by Channel: Categorizes orders from different channels (e.g., online, in-store), providing insights into order sources.

• Sales by Channel: Presents sales data from various channels, allowing for comparative analysis.

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App Connector Page

• Purpose: Allows integration of various applications (e.g., CRM, ERP) to the order management system.

• Integration Benefits: Enables data syncing and automates workflows, improving efficiency.

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Channels Page

• Details: Users can view and manage different sales channels, including performance metrics and channel-specific data.

• Channel Insights: Provides metrics like order count, sales volume, and channel performance.

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Sales Order Routing Page

• Routing Logic: Optimizes order fulfillment by applying specific routing rules and conditions.

• Routing Rules: Users can set rules based on criteria such as order type, destination, and priority.

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The order management system dashboard has significantly improved order tracking, sales analysis, and order routing, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and better business insights. Looking ahead, future enhancements include adding predictive analytics for sales forecasting and enhancing integration capabilities with additional third-party applications.

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